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Hello, superhero.

Whether acing a business plan presentation, conquering hour-long interviews or wowwww-ing a 10,000 strong audience. There's no denying that you can make a long lasting impression if you know the right techniques.

Here at Breezi, we give ourselves a pat on the back if we can do our bit to make you an effective, clearer, more confident communicator. It's simple really; we love making people better speakers.

High5, champion!

From perfecting the art of public speaking to harnessing CEO leadership abilities. Understanding (the real life science of) motivation to embedding superhero confidence into you. We offer a full range of unique courses and workshops, always customised to your needs.

That's the beauty at Breezi; we keep things simple in order to most effectively achieve your goals.


Gain confidence to take on the world.

In today's society, it is clear there is a lot of weight put on formal qualifications and the like. Yes, we agree, they're important. But whilst we practice maths, we learn english, we revise sciences...just how often do we consciously invest in developing our soft skills?

At Breezi our mission is quite simple: teach, train, discuss, debate, challenge and improve your communication ability, in the most interactive, fun and inspiring way we've ever seen.


What you can expect


into the speaker and leader you want to be


your potential to develop superhero confidence


sustainable techniques to give awesome presentations


others in your community to trust and invest in you

From intensive 30-minute one-on-one mentor sessions, through to 10-week development training programmes, whatever your goal, here at Breezi we tailor our content to meet your needs. We can't promise to change the world (just yet!), but we're confident we can make you into an unstoppable-standing-ovation-hotshot- presenter; bet no-one saw that coming!

Here's a sneak peek into what we offer:

Warrior-like body language - why movements speak louder than words
Conquering confidence - the ins and outs of killer stage presence
• The Art of Public Speaking - stimulating, challenging proven techniques
The secrets to becoming a super productive team - teamwork really does make the dream work

Fun? Always. Interactive? Check. Dynamic? Roger that.


Say hello to the team



He ticks all the boxes by being both a formidable force on the stage as well as a person with whom most can relate. Being a strong believer in the notion that talent without hard work is meaningless, Asante has committed himself to getting the most out of everyone within his sphere of influence.



Tarek is passionate about bringing individuals to their full potential both on stage and in day-to-day communications. According to Tarek, it's all about your mindset and your self-confidence will thrive through indulging a positive mentality and practice. Patient, supportive and full of suprises: you will never be deceived by his spontaneity on stage.



His life can be summarised in two words; Public Speaking.
It's his erupting passion that's made him a public speaking champion around the world. With years of experience as a Professional Speaker and Trainer, Ali brings stage energy to a whole different level. You don't want to miss this!



As former President of the University of Nottingham Public Speaking Society, Ben is an experienced trainer, patient mentor and expert presenter.  Covering skills from body language to memory techniques, and productivity to self-belief. Ben will give you the skills you need to conquer any speaking challenge.



Elliott is a happy, global, entrepreneur-in-the-making. With over 5 years experience in confidence and networking training, multiple international qualifications, and a can-do attitude towards life, you'll be sure to leave Elliott's sessions feeling inspired to take on the world.

What people are saying about us


"I have never been so confident of my own voice as I am now. I truly recommend this enthusiastic team to anyone who likes to go outside their comfort zone and learn one of the most difficult skill of all times. Winners Speak Out!"



"Breezi trainings helped me improve my speech delivery and boosted my confidence. Their workshops are interesting and interactive and I highly recommend them!"


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